FY2023 TIP for Pennsylvania (FY23-FY26)

Following a 30+ day public comment period, the DVRPC Board adopted the DVRPC FY2023 TIP (FY23-FY26) for the Pennsylvania portion of the region with Recommended Changes as the priority program of transportation projects on July 28, 2022. The regional TIP is included in the Pennsylvania Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and was developed in cooperation with PennDOT, SEPTA, Pottstown Area Rapid Transit (PART), and DVRPC's member cities and counties. The TIP, has been approved by the federal review agencies (FHWA, FTA, and EPA) and became the official DVRPC FY2023 TIP for PA on October 1, 2022. Program lists (below) are updated on a regular basis as DVRPC amends or modifies the program. The TIP is a dynamic document. Modifications or amendments made to the TIP per the MOU are summarized in the TIP Amendments or Modifications report that is regularly updated throughout the life of the TIP.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the FY2023 TIP for PA
Aspectos destacados del TIP para el FY2023 de Pennsylvania (FY23-FY26)
Full Final FY2023 TIP for PA Document
Chapter 1: General Overview of the TIP
Chapter 2: Program Summaries
Chapter 3: Responding to EJ and Title VI Concerns
Chapter 4: Performance-Based Planning and Programming (PBPP)
Chapter 5: Public Involvement
Legal Notice
Chapter 6: Mapping Application and Listings Overview
Chapter 7: Codes and Abbreviations Overview
Chapter 8: Competitive Programs
Chapter 9: Project Listings

Helpful Project Indices:

Project Index by Title
Project Index by MPMS
Project Index for Interstate Management Program (IMP)
All Projects in DVRPC PA Region
Chapter 10: Major Project Status Report

DVRPC Regional Highway Program by County

Bucks County
Chester County
Delaware County
Montgomery County
Philadelphia County
Projects in Various Counties
Interstate Management Program in the DVRPC Region

DVRPC Regional Transit Program by Operator

PennDOT Transit Projects
SEPTA Projects
PART Projects

DVRPC firmly believes in public participation and reaches out to as many people as possible in an equitable and timely manner. Public participation is a way to ascertain the interests of a wide variety of residents, the private sector, special-interest groups, older adults, educators and parents, public officials, the mentally and physically disabled, and economically disadvantaged populations. While today’s residents may be more sophisticated, and modern standards are more inclusive, the need for public involvement is inherent to sound decision-making.

Every resident is responsible for becoming involved in regional issues and informing the decision-making process; therefore, DVRPC strives to provide as many opportunities as possible for residents to be informed and aware of the decisions that will affect the future of this region. PennDOT, SEPTA, PART, and the five counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia), the City of Chester, and other project sponsors were made aware of your comments about Draft TIP projects and/or the overall program and have responded HERE.

This portal contains all comments that were submitted, along with corresponding responses from DVRPC and/or our partner agencies. Search for your name, keywords, your county, or a project to find your comments, as well as those from other members of the community. Click the PennDOT Multi-modal Project Management System (MPMS) number to view project details on the TIP webmap. While this particular public comment period has ended, learn about DVRPC and provide feedback on our endeavors at https://publicparticipation.dvrpc.org/ and https://www.dvrpc.org/getinvolved


A – Board Resolutions
B - State DOT Financial, and General and Procedural Guidance (Includes SPETA’s Financial Capacity Analysis)
C – Memorandum of Understanding on Procedures to Amend and Modify the TIP
D – DVRPC TIP Project Benefit Criteria
E - Executive Summary of the Documentation of the Conformity Finding
F - Environmental Justice Appendix
G - Title VI Policy Statement and Complaint Procedures
H - Summary of Public Involvement Process, Original Public Comments, Responses to Public Comments and other Supporting Documentation

Obligation Summary

FY2024:Summary (184.57 KB) Details (404.99 KB)
FY2023:Summary (103.38 KB)Details (385.52 KB)
FY2022:Summary (107.26 KB)Details (431.62 KB)
FY2021:Summary (195.19 KB)Details (604.91 KB)
FY2020:Summary (109.79 KB)Details (516.24 KB)
FY2019:Summary (28.18 KB)Details (490.8 KB)
FY2018:Summary (30.2 KB)Details (679.1 KB)
FY2017:Summary (38.23 KB)Details (617.71 KB)
FY2016:Summary (38.34 KB)Details (564.05 KB)
FY2015:Summary (71.48 KB)Details (689.04 KB)
FY2014:Summary (106.76 KB)Details (354.4 KB)
FY2013:Summary (80.67 KB)Details (440.96 KB)
FY2012:Summary (342.33 KB)Details (679.72 KB)
FY2011:Summary (283.95 KB)Details (707.11 KB)
FY2010:Summary (287.85 KB)Details (800.27 KB)

Air Quality Partnership
Annual Report
Connections 2050
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)
Economic Development District