Share-A-Ride FAQs

What is Share-A-Ride?

The Share-A-Ride program isn't just about carpooling — it is a free computerized service that could potentially match you with convenient transit services, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities if you WORK in the 5-county southeastern Pennsylvania region.

What is a carpool?

A carpool is considered to be a car carrying 2 to 4 people. Carpools are usually proposed for those employees living in areas where few other employees live or where transit is not available. Arrangements can be made for one employee to handle the driving in his/her vehicle, or for all pool participants to share the responsibilities; cost varies per the arrangement and the number of riders involved.

What is a vanpool?

Vanpools are vans or vehicles which can hold 7 to 15 people. This option shall be considered for those employees who are clustered in one specific area, where use of a larger vehicle is more efficient then the use of multiple cars. These services can be arranged through a third-party vanpool provider, with little or no company involvement, or they can be handled with company-provided or employee-owned vehicles. Costs are divided among the pool members.

What if I am near public transportation but want to carpool?

The program will list all your options. However, the Share-A-Ride program will suggest use of public transit whenever it is convenient to employees near bus, train, subway, or trolley lines. Contact your local transit provider for information on fares and schedules.

Who is responsible for setting up car/vanpools?

The Share-A-Ride program works to match commuters with others who have to same travel patterns and similar work day hours. It is the responsibility of the commuter(s) to arrange a car or vanpool, and to determine pickup/drop-off times and locations, and costs. When employers use SAR to match their employees as a group, either a company representative or their MAP Contact can facilitate the organization of pools.

How much will this service cost?

One of the most attractive features about the Share-A-Ride program is that the matching services are FREE! DVRPC can offer these matching services at no charge through support from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). So, now there's no excuse — get moving with Share-A-Ride today!

How soon will I receive information about a ride match?

You should receive your match information within 2 work days from the date of submission; sometimes, you might find out right away. You will be notified via email (or postal service if no email) after your information has been processed as to any possible matches.

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