CEDS Committee

In 2022, the Regional Community and Economic Development Forum (RCEDF) was merged into the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee. Members now participate in the development of Growing Greater Philadelphia, the U.S. EDA approved CEDS for Greater Philadelphia.

If you are interested in participating on the CEDS Committee, please email kpcilurso@dvrpc.org. For more information about other DVRPC engagement opportunities, visit DVRPC Committees.

Committee Workshops

Below are the recordings to the Goals and Strategies workshops, held in April 2023. Interested participants can listen to the workshop sessions (based on topical area) and provide comments to kpcilurso@dvrpc.org.  

Economic Goals and Strategies Workshop (Recorded 4/17/23)  

Social Goals and Strategies Workshop (Recorded 4/18/23)

Environment Goals and Strategies Workshop (Recorded 4/19/23)

CEDS Update Process (updated 3/12/24)

Summer 2023 - Draft Goal Areas (completed)

Fall 2023 - Economic Trends Analysis (completed)

Winter 2024 - Refine Goals and Strategy

Spring 2024 - Economic Development Project Solicitation (TBD)

Summer 2024 - Project Evaluation/Committee Feedback

Fall 2024 - Strategy Adoption

(subject to change)

Previous Economic Development Forums

Prior to 2022, the Regional Community and Economic Development Forum (RCEDF) met on a periodic basis to discuss current issues in land use, housing and economic development in Greater Philadelphia. Participants included economic development practitioners as well as a merger of the Land Use and Housing Committee (LUHC) and the Land Use, Transportation, and Economic Development (LUTED) committee. Below are highlights from previou meetings.

Archived RCEDF Meetings
MAR 2021Agenda
MAY 2020Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
OCT 2019Agenda
MAY 2019Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
APR 2019Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
APR 2018Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
JUN 2017Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
APR 2017Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
JUN 2016Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
OCT 2015Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
JUN 2015Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
SEP 2014Agenda | Presentations
OCT 2013Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
JUN 2013Agenda
OCT 2012Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
JUN 2012Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
FEB 2012Agenda
JUN 2011Agenda
MAR 2011Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
OCT 2010Agenda
JUN 2010Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
JAN 2010Agenda | Minutes/Highlights | Presentations
SEP 2009Agenda | Minutes/Highlights
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