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Transportation Performance Management Web Page

Product No.: WEB21009
Date Published: 12/2020

Geographic Area Covered: DVRPC 9-county region.

Abstract: Federal legislation requires state departments of transportation, transit operators, and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to establish and use a performance-based approach for transportation decision-making to achieve national transportation goals. This includes tracking performance measures, setting data-driven targets, and selecting projects to help meet those targets. DVRPC has identified the planning and data collection requirements of the TPM program and provided reports on the performance measure targets, progress towards meeting those targets, and timelines for future TPM program activities. This webpage will be regularly updated to provide the most recent data resources and progress reports demonstrating compliance with the Federal TPM Rule.

Key Words: Transportation Performance Management, performance measures, roadway safety, bridge and pavement asset condition, system performance, CMAQ, reliability, transit assets, transit safety, PM1, PM2, PM3, targets

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Marc C Molta   Front-End Developer
  • Michael Boyer   Associate Director, Comprehensive Planning
  • Rebecca J. Maule   Senior Graphic Artist
  • Sean Greene   Manager, Air Quality Programs

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