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Vendors can find various business opportunities posted here. DVRPC occasionally posts Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for member governments as a courtesy.

Business Opportunities

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Professional Planning Consultant Services
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Important Notices

DVRPC sincerely appreciates your interest in projects sponsored by the Commission and thanks all participants for their involvement and submittals. Please continue to visit this webpage to view future opportunities.

DVRPC will post all changes to its Requests for Proposals, Qualifications, and Quotations. All changes to contents or due dates will be posted to the original Request's webpage. Please check the status of each Request up until the due date to be certain that you have the latest information pertaining to that opportunity. If any changes are made or clarifications are provided, it will be reflected by "Additional information is available" notice under the title of the Opportunity.

DVRPC considers any information submitted directly to the Commission through a notice of Opportunity announcement to be confidential and proprietary under its Access to Records Policy (available at: While DVRPC does not make such information public, unsuccessful respondents may request a debrief meeting to discuss their submission and subsequent evaluation by contacting the Contracts Manager,

Title VI Statement

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is committed to providing opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to compete for work. DBEs are certified by the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PAUCP) and the New Jersey Unified Certification Program (NJUCP) in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26. Any party that enters into an agreement with DVRPC is encouraged to involve Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in the required work and to submit documentation of any such involvement in the proposal narrative and budget.

Any party that enters into an agreement with DVRPC shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the award and performance of any agreement or in the administration of its DBE program or the requirements of 49 CFR part 26.

All parties to DVRPC agreements shall take all necessary and reasonable steps under 49 CFR part 26 to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of any subagreements and in addition each prime contractor or subrecipient must include the following assurance in any subcontracts entered into:

The contractor, sub recipient or subcontractor shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the performance of this contract. The contractor shall carry out applicable requirements of 49 CFR part 26 in the award and administration of this agreement.

DVRPC encourages all prospective consultants to use the following links to the PA and NJ Unified Certification Program to locate DBE firms to utilize as sub-consultants.

Small Business Enterprise and Emerging Small Business Enterprise Programs

In addition to DBEs, DVRPC encourages the use of small businesses under the following programs: Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in Pennsylvania, and Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE) in New Jersey.

Small business concerns are those entities seeking to participate in contracts that meet the definition of a small business concern set forth in Section 3 of the Small Business Act and Small Business Administration regulations as per 13 CFR Part 121.

These programs are designed to facilitate greater participation of small businesses in transportation related procurements. Any party that enters into an agreement with DVRPC is encouraged to involve SBE/ESBEs in the required work and to submit documentation of any such involvement in the proposal narrative and budget.

Contractors looking for certified SBEs can search these online databases:

Contractors must maintain records to ensure compliance with 49 C.F.R Part 26 obligations by indicating the number of DBE, SBE/ESBE, and non-DBE/SBE/ESBE subcontractors, the type of work performed on the project, documentation of efforts to secure DBE/SBE/ESBE firms for available subcontracting opportunities and the means of communication used to obtain the services of DBE/SBE/ESBEs, and dollar amounts paid to DBE/SBE/ESBEs.

Recent Vendor Selections

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

    No Award

  • Media Planning and Buying Services

    Affirm Agency

  • TCDI Task Order Number: 23-688 Norristown Redevelopment Area Transportation Study (Norristown, Montgomery Co.) Cat 5

    Pennoni Associates

  • TCDI Chester Pike Corridor Multi Modal Improvement Study


  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-691 Philadelphia Complete Streets Corridor Study: Aramingo Ave (City of Philadelphia, oTIS) Cat. 5

    Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC

  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-685 Route 291 Road Diet Study (Delaware County Planning Department) Cat. 5


  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-690 Preliminary Work for the Comprehensive Plan (Philadelphia City Planning Commission, City of Philadelphia ) Cat. 3

    Econsult Solutions, Inc.

  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-682 Newtown Borough Safety and Walkability Review for Multimodal Improvements (Newtown Borough, Bucks Co.) Cat. 5

    McCormick Taylor, Inc.

  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-681 Middletown Township Multimodal Improvement Plan (Middletown Township, Bucks Co.) Cat. 5

    Simone Collins

  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-684 Oxford Borough SALDO and Zoning Update (Oxford Borough, Chester Co.) Cat. 3


  • TCDI Task Order No. 23-689 Walkable Lederach Feasibility Study (Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA) Cat. 5

    McMahon Associates

  • Professional Consulting Assistance in Executive Director Search

    GovHR USA

  • FY 2021 Camden County Local Concept Development Intersection Study for CR 670 (Burnt Mill Road) and CR 673 (White Horse Road)

    Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc

  • Preliminary and Final Engineering Design Services for Mt. Ephraim Avenue (CR 605) in the City of Camden in Camden County, New Jersey

    Greenman-Pederson, Inc.

  • FY2021 Local Concept Development Study of Intersection of County Road 706 (Blenheim-Erial Road) and County Road 673 (College Drive)

    Dewberry Engineers

  • FY 2021 Camden County Local Concept Development Project for County Road 551 Broadway

    Michael Baker International Inc.

  • Ridematch Software and Services

    Agile Mile, Inc.

  • Pennsylvania and New Jersey Legal Counsel

    Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP: Pennsylvania Counsel Raymond Coleman & Heinhold, LLP: New Jersey Counsel

  • Location Analytics for Retail Districts of Greater Philadelphia


  • Regional Transportation Funding Options

    Michael Baker International, Inc.

  • FY 2020 Burlington County Local Concept Development Study

    Michael Baker International, Inc.

  • FY2020 Gloucester County Local Concept Development Study

    Pennoni Associates

  • Aerial Imagery Software as a Service

    Nearmap US Inc.

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

    Crayon Software Experts LLC

  • Interior Architecture Services

    Fifteen Architecture and Design.

  • Engineering Services for Roundabouts in Burlington and Camden Counties

    Pennoni Associates

  • Facilitation Skills Training

    Connected Realities

  • Professional Engineering Design Services for the Elevation of Kaighns Avenue CR 607 and Replacement of Bridge Structure No. 043B006 City of Camden, NJ

    HNTB Corporation

  • Annual Audit and Financial Review of Non-Profit Entities

    Mercadien P.C.

  • Installation Contractor for the Regional Streetlight Procurement Program

    Armour And Sons

  • Trenton Transit Center Circulation Improvements Local Concept Development Study

    Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

  • Professional Services for Development of Pavement Assessment and Management System

    Michael Baker International, Inc.

  • Distribution Partner Services for the Regional Streetlight Procurement Program (RSLPP)

    Colonial Electric Supply

  • Media Buying Services


  • Burlington County Local Concept Development Study

    Taylor Wiseman & Taylor

  • Tour-Based Truck Travel Model Development

    Cambridge Systematic, Inc.

  • FY 2018 Annual Report/2019 Calendar Printing and Fulfillment

    Brilliant Graphics

  • Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia Marketing Strategy

    Punk Avenue LLC

  • Design Services Professional for the Regional Street Lighting Procurement Program

    Keystone Lighting Solutions

  • Feasibility for New Regional Rail Station in East Whiteland Township

    McMahon Associates

  • Mercer County Local Concept Development Study

    McCormick Taylor, Inc.

  • Pedestrian Facilities and Planning Portal

    Tierra Plan

  • Racial Equity Analysis and Training

    The Ladipo Group

  • FY 2018 Gloucester County Local Concept Development Study

    French and Parrello Associates

  • Activity-Based Model Update

    RSG, Inc.

  • Development of Sidewalk Inventory for the DVRPC Region

    Century Engineering

  • New Jersey Regional Curve Inventory and Safety Assessment

    Greenman Pederson Inc.


    Michael Baker International Inc.

  • Gloucester County NJ – Local Concept Development Study

    McCormick Taylor

  • New Jersey Traffic Signal Retiming Initiative

    Taylor Wiseman and Taylor

  • Engineering Services for the Development of a Pavement Management Initiative in Burlington County, NJ

    Advanced Infrastructure Design

  • Roundabout at Princeton Avenue (US 206S/CR 583) and Brunswick Circle Extension (CR 645/US 1B)

    Urban Engineers

  • Local Concept Development for Mt Ephraim Avenue - CR 603 to CR 561

    Dewberry Engineers

  • Philadelphia Public Parking Lot Stormwater Management Study - Revised 2/2/2016

    The RBA Group

  • Research Services: Surveys and Focus Groups (RideECO Program)

    Industrial Research Center

  • Development of Vector-based Land Use Geodatabases for the Nine-County DVRPC Region

    Aerial Information Systems Inc.

  • Landside Activity and Emissions Inventory for Delaware river Ports

    Starcrest Consulting Group, LLC

  • Camden County Local Concept Development

    IH Engineers

  • Design of a Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project in Chester City, PA

    CH2M Hill

  • Mercer County Local Concept Development Study-Lincoln Avenue Bridge Replacement

    Greenman-Pederson, Inc.