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Assessing the Potential for a Regional Transfer of Development Rights Program in Salem County, NJ

Product No.: 11051
Date Published: 6/2011

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Geographic Area Covered: Salem County, New Jersey

Abstract: This study assesses the feasibility of developing a regional Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program in Salem County, New Jersey. Guided by a Salem Regional TDR Task Force, the study evaluates land use patterns and the views of municipal officials within Salem's fifteen municipalities and looks at existing TDR programs elsewhere in New Jersey and in other states for innovative ideas that could be utilized in Salem. It also estimates the relative amounts of land that could be protected as sending zones and transferred into receiving zones in the county, and where those areas might be located. The Salem regional study includes a preliminary analysis of the buildout of Salem’s municipalities and information on the water and sewer infrastructure in municipalities with potential as receiving areas. It proposes various ways that a regional TDR program could be initiated in Salem and recommends topics for future study toward its development. This report complements a state-wide analysis of Transfer of Development Rights in New Jersey developed by a State-wide TDR Task Force and issued by New Jersey Future in 2010, which includes recommendations for legislative and regulatory changes that would facilitate use of TDR in Salem and throughout New Jersey.

Key Words: Agriculture, environment, farmland preservation, land preservation, open space, Salem County, Transfer of Development Rights, land use, New Jersey Future, New Jersey TDR, municipal planning, regional planning, regional TDR, Salem TDR Task Force, and TDR.

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