Information Resources Exchange Group

Coffee will be available at 9:30 A.M. and lunch will be served following the meeting.

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


1. Call to Order and Introductions



2. Philadelphia Plans for Debris Management

Matt Werner, Infrastructure Program Manager, City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management, and Catherine Bohn, Senior Project Manager, Dewberry, will focus on the importance of debris management site selection to include creating debris forecasts, screening potential sites, and summarizing the resulting recommendations.

3. Wikimapping and Designing a Single Application for Everyone

Steve Spindler, Cartographer, will address how WikiMapping is being used and some of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a single system. Coding and cartography projects both have uncertain time frames and levels of effort.  It’s hard to say up front how much something should cost and how much effort will be involved.  WikiMapping provides an opportunity to serve people without getting bogged down by proposals, contracts, and the uncertainty of being subcontractors. 

Information Items

4. DVRPC Work Program Update


5. Member Roundtable

  1. Recent Projects;
    Attendees are encouraged to share recent accomplishments and to discuss any ongoing projects that you or your agency is working on that is related to information gathering and sharing.
  2. Recent Event Reports;
    Attendees are encouraged to provide a brief summary of any recent meeting or conference they attended.
  3. Upcoming Events;
    Attendees are encouraged to announce any upcoming meeting or conference.

6. Adjournment and Lunch