Information Resources Exchange Group

10:00 am

1234 Market ST
11th FL, Room 11C
Philadelphia, PA 19107


1. Call to Order and Introductions

2. Presentation

  • Mike Zaleski, Director Emerging and Specialty Technology, SEPTA
    "Emerging Technology at SEPTA"

3. CY 2013 Meeting Dates

Members will discuss and confirm meeting dates for 2013.

4. Member Roundtable
Attendees are encouraged to provide a brief update of recent activities at their organizations.

5. DVRPC Work Program Update

6. Information Items

  1. Recent Event Reports;
    Attendees are encouraged to provide a brief summary of any recent meeting or conference they attended.
  2. Upcoming Events;
    Attendees are encouraged to announce any upcoming meeting or conference.

7. Jack Power, Deputy Chief of SETPA's Control Center will be leading a tour of their facility.

8. Adjournment