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1. Introductions

2. Minutes of the meeting of June 9, 2004

3. Presentations

  • James Cartwright, Program Manager, City of Philadelphia MOIS "Wireless Philadelphia"
  • Mike Boyer, Manager of Long Range Transportation Planning, DVRPC "Destination 2030: The Long Range Land Use and Transportation Plan for the Delaware Valley"
  • Taghi Ozbeki, Manager of Information Services, DVRPC "Application Development Supporting DVRPC''s Long Range Planning Process"

4. Potential FY 2006 Work Program Projects

5. Census Update
a. American Community Survey (ACS);
b. CTPP/ Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ);
c. 2003 Population Estimates;
d. Historical Censuses and Statistical Compendia (CB04-85);
e. 108th Congressional District Relationship Tables;
f. 2002 Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (SUV Registrations);
g. Current Population Survey (CPS) Unemployment Update;
h. 2003 Official Income and Poverty Statistics;
i. Local Employment Dynamics;
j. Income, Poverty, Health Insurance (CPS Report).

6. DVRPC Work Program Updates
a. Regional Online Information Network;
b. Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP);
c. Year 2005 Aerial Imagery Acquisition;
d. Region-Wide Transportation GIS Development;
e. Land Use and Transportation Models;
f. Regional Transit Database.

7. Information Items

8. Old Business

9. New Business

10. Adjournment

a. Minutes of the Meeting of June 9, 2004;
b. Email RE: templates for Local Employment Dynamics program;
c. American Community Survey Alert #25.

Available at the Meeting

a. Updated Data Bulletin #77: Municipal, County and Regional Population Estimates, 2000-2003 (September 2004) [available soon @];
b. Speaker''s Bio''s;
c. FY 2006 Work Program Recommendations;
d. IREG Newsletter (Vol. 2 No. 1)..

ITS Locations (splatt);
2000-2003 Pop Change (mbell);
City of Philadelphia - Wireless Demo Area;