Connections 2050

In a world of increasing uncertainty, planning for the future is critical. Learn about Connections 2050:

Vision Reveal

At the heart of a long-range plan is a broadly shared vision for where we collectively want the region to be in 30 years, which is generated through wide and far-reaching public input. The Connections 2050 vision is:

An equitable, resilient, and sustainable Greater Philadelphia region that:

  • Preserves and protects the natural environment.
  • Develops inclusive, healthy, and walkable communities.
  • Grows a prosperous and innovative economy.
  • Maintains an integrated, multimodal transportation network.

Strategies Workshops

From December 2020 through February 2021, DVRPC hosted 5 workshops with subject matter experts, regional planning stakeholders, and the public to identify strategies for achieving the Connections 2050 Vision. More than 300 participants identified close to 1,000 strategies related to Equity, the Economy, Communities, Climate Change & Environment, Transportation Infrastructure, and preparing for new Technologies. These recommendations are being used to inform the strategies that will be included in Connections 2050.

See our Latest Releases

The Dispatches from Alternate Futures: Exploratory Scenarios for Greater Philadelphia report explores four plausible future scenarios based on different directions that technology, climate change, and rising inequality could take. It was developed with the Futures Working Group and will help inform the vision and strategy development for the Connections 2050 Plan.

Click on the interactive reader below or download a PDF of the report.

Preparing Greater Philadelphia for Highly Automated Vehicles extends the Dispatches scenarios to consider different ways highly automated vehicles may be deployed on the region's roads. The report explores the implications of each scenario and identifies recommendations to start preparing for automated vehicles and related transportation technologies.
Preparing Greater Philadelphia for Highly Automated Vehicles report cover

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