Traffic Incident Management in the DVRPC Region

DVRPC's Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program addresses regional safety issues by managing traffic incident management task forces (IMTFs) and providing software programs like to improve incident management responses and foster inter-agency coordination.

IMTF meetings offer emergency responders the chance to build relationships, discuss incident management protocol, offer training, and share challenges and successes away from the scene of an incident.

Check out our new Traffic Incident Management Committees Drive Roadway Safety video (made in partnership with and Stonehouse Media Inc.) for an inside look into what a TIM Committee does, how it makes emergency responders’ work easier and safer, and the ways its activities help responders deliver superior service to the public at roadway incidents.

For more information about agency partners, explore the following resources:
Pennsylvania Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (PennTIME)
NJ Traffic Incident Management (NJTIM)
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

To get involved or learn more about the DVRPC's TIM work, please reach out to Chris King at

Incident Management Task Forces in the DVRPC Region

Currently, DVRPC manages eight counties across PA and NJ. See the map for IMTF location information.

Move Over, Slow Down Law

Drivers approaching an emergency response area with stationary emergency vehicles, tow trucks, garbage trucks and other highway safety vehicles displaying red, blue and/or amber flashing lights are required by PA and NJ law to move over one lane or, if not safe to move over, slow down below the posted speed limit. To learn more, explore the following resources:

Pennsylvania Move Over, Slow Down Law
New Jersey Move Over, Slow Down Law
FHWA Crash Responder Safety Week
NOCoE - Crash Responder Safety Week
2023 Crash Responder Safety Week Social Media Toolkit


IDRuM is a DVRPC-developed internet application for accessing official PennDOT and NJDOT detour routes covering 5 PA and 8 NJ counties.

To access all diversion routes within the state of New Jersey, please visit the NJ Traffic Incident Management website and click on the NJ Interactive Diversion Route Portal.

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