Traffic Incident Management in the DVRPC Region

Incident Management Task Force

DVRPC's Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program addresses regional safety issues by managing traffic incident management task forces (IMTF's) and providing software programs to improve incident management responses and foster interagency coordination. DVRPC launched the regional TIM program in 1999, currently administers and supports corridor-based IMTF's, and serves as the regional clearinghouse for incident management activities. Establishing IMTF's are a collaborative effort with the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Transportation, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Police Departments. Through quarterly IMTF meetings in a casual atmosphere away from the scene of an incident, emergency responders overcome challenges by building relationships with each other. To date, DVRPC has offered training to nearly 1000 responders in the region. Guided by NIMS principles and the NUG, DVRPC's TIM Program is also integrated into DVRPC's planning processes through the Long Range Plan, the Congestion Management Process, and the Transportation Operations Master Plan.

Incident Management Task Forces in the DVRPC Region

Task Force LocationsIncident Management Task Forces [0.9 MB pdf]

Currently, DVRPC manages seven IMTF's, and support three others in the region. See the map for IMTF location information.

DVRPC TIM Program Accomplishments

  • Provide cross-discipline training
  • Develop traffic incident operating guidelines
  • Establish response areas
  • Standardize response plans
  • Conduct post incident reviews at every meeting
  • Conduct operational scenario workshops
  • Implement mile marker signage
  • Influence construction projects


RIMIS is a software application developed through DVRPC as a tool for first responding stakeholders to provide timely and clear incident notifications and information on situational transportation information through video walls and maps.


IDRuM is a DVRPC-developed internet application for accessing official PennDOT and NJDOT detour routes covering 5 PA and 8 NJ counties.

Incident Management Resources