Overview for FY2025 TIP for Pennsylvania

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May 28, 2024

Funding for the DVRPC Regional FHWA-funded Program and FTA-funded Program in the Draft FY2025 TIP for Pennsylvania is the highest it has been in recent memory. View a brief overview of the TIP, including highlights of new and continued projects.

The Draft FY2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Pennsylvania (FY25 - FY28) is currently open for public comment. Here is a brief overview of the TIP, including highlights of new and continued projects.

Funding for the DVRPC Regional FHWA-funded Program and FTA-funded Program in the Draft FY2025 TIP is the highest it has been in recent memory. The increase is primarily due to the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act/Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (IIJA/BIL). A total of $3.9 billion in highway and bridge funding is available to the region over the four years of the Draft FY2025 TIP. In comparison to Financial Guidance for the FY2023 TIP, the FY2025 TIP has:

  • A $347 million (9 percent) increase in highway and bridge funding. 
  • A $297 million (4 percent) increase in funding for bridge improvement projects. 
  • A more than $136 million increase in funding for safety projects. 
  • A $6 million (5.8 percent) increase for bicycle and pedestrian projects funded through the Transportation Alternatives-Urban Allocation (TAU) program.

Of the 9 bridge and 22 FHWA-funded projects that have been added to the TIP, $25.75 million is going toward newly-identified bridge projects, while $196.85 million is going to address new FHWA-funded projects. 

Highlighted Projects:


  • (Continued, increased) CMAQ Flex for SEPTA Projects of Significance Line Item - MPMS #118015 flexes federal highway dollars to the transit TIP for SEPTA’s Trolley Modernization, Bus Revolution, and Rail Fleet Replacement efforts. This project will allocate $325 million of CMAQ funds to be flexed to SEPTA in order to support these projects. 


  • SEPTA Bus Purchase Program - MPMS #90152 allocates approximately $1 billion to provide for the acquisition of different size buses based upon needs and route characteristics. SEPTA is planning for a full transition to zero-emission buses (ZEBs) by the year 2040. This bus procurement will allow SEPTA to retire the last of the all-diesel fleet which is now more than 15 years old (purchased in 2005). 
  • SEPTA Market-Frankford Vehicle Replacement – MPMS #115472 (Projects of Significance) allocates $1.165 billion to support the replacement of Market-Frankford Line (MFL) M-4 rail cars. The project is currently in the procurement phase and SEPTA plans to award a contract for manufacturing the vehicles in calendar year 2024. Included within the project’s budget are vehicle specification development, vehicle production costs, signal system design and construction, and facility improvements at 69th Street and Bridge Street Yard.
  • SEPTA Cleaning Equipment – MPMS# 121367 (Safe, Clean, and Secure Program) allocates $36 million to support the purchase of various cleaning equipment and the construction of a 5,000 square foot cleaning equipment storage facility at Fern Rock Shop. The project will improve SEPTA's cleaning capabilities and help keep stations and facilities safe and clean for riders and staff.

Bucks County

  • Oxford Valley Road - (MPMS #13635) is a $14.64 million project continuing from the FY2023 TIP, which will reconstruct  North Oxford Valley Road as it approaches the Lincoln Highway intersection from the north and south, in Falls and Middletown Townships, Bucks County. The project includes pedestrian, traffic signal and turning lane improvements. Bristol-Oxford Valley Road will be re-aligned to intersect North Oxford Valley Road to form a new signalized intersection across from the Oxford Point Shopping Center.
  • State Road Reconstruction - MPMS #64778. The main purpose of this $39.75 million project is to repair/replace the existing deteriorated pavement and to improve stormwater drainage in Croydon, within Bristol Township, Bucks County. The project will also install curbing, shoulder widening, addition of left turn lanes at State Road and Cedar Avenue, and traffic signal upgrades.  
  • Route 1 Improvement Frontage Corridor - MPMS #93446 (Thanks to the IIJA, all construction funds that had to be pushed out to the LRP during the FY2021 TIP update have been brought back into the Twelve Year Program.) This project includes Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (3R) improvements to US 1 and the frontage roads, reconstruction of 1 bridge (West Interchange Road over US 1), and the rehabilitation of 1 bridge (US 1 over S.R. 2008).
  • (New) Hulmeville Road / Brown Avenue Intersection Improvements - MPMS #81295 is a $2.1 million project that will provide funding to design and construct Northbound and Southbound turn lanes and install new signal equipment at the intersection of Hulmeville Road and Brown Avenue in Bensalem Township. 

Chester County

  • (New) Two new projects to construct the Chester Valley Trail Extension to Downingtown, the Chester Valley Trail: Whitford Road - Old Trolley Road (MPMS #81744) project, and the Chester Valley Trail: Ship Road - Gallagherville Road (MPMS #81789) project, will use Carbon Reduction funding from the IIJA to develop a multi-use trail along the alignment of the former Philadelphia and Thorndale Branch. The project will include renovation of the Whitford Bridge and Downingtown Trestle for bicycle and pedestrian use. The Chester Valley Trail is part of the Circuit Trails network and this segment will serve as an important local and regional transportation resource. 
  • North Valley Road - MPMS #47979 is a $32.08 million project that uses new Bridge Improvement Program (BRIP) funding from the IIJA. It will replace the existing bridge on North Valley Road adjacent to the Paoli Train Station with a new bridge across from the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Darby Road. It is one element of the planned Paoli Intermodal Transportation Center, which is Chester County’s most utilized SEPTA station, currently serving Amtrak, SEPTA’s Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail Line, and various bus routes.
  • PA 100 Northbound at Exton Station - MPMS #118025 is a $6.9 million project that will: (1) Add a northbound through-lane from Pottstown Pike through the intersection with the US 30 Bypass ramps; (2) Shift the existing travel lanes and the center median to accommodate an additional through-lane, particularly under the Amtrak/SEPTA and Norfolk Southern railroad overpasses; (3) Modify the Mountain View Drive intersection to retain right-in and right-out access to the Exton Train Station and Courts at Valley View neighborhood; (4) Modify the Whiteland Woods Boulevard intersection to retain right-in and right-out access.
  • US 30, Coatesville Downingtown Bypass (CER-Eastern Section) - MPMS #87781. This major regional project with an estimated construction cost of over $500 million, will improve the roadway from East of the Reeceville Road Interchanges to Business Route 30/Lincoln Highway overpass. The project will reconstruct and widen the mainline shoulders; replace and widen the mainline bridge superstructures; construct new ramps (to complete partial interchanges); reconstruct, realign, and lengthen all on and off ramps (to provide storage length for traffic signals and/or ramp metering); and reconstruct arterial overpasses.

Delaware County

  • (New) PA 291 Complete Streets: Irving Street to to Ridley Creek (MPMS #82069) is a new project with the goal of improving safety for all roadway users, including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. This will include reconstructing the roadway into a more appropriate facility for Chester City while constructing a multi-use sidepath that will be designated as part of the East Coast Greenway. The current roadway cross-section is a wide and straight facility that results in excessive vehicular speeds with a high number of crashes causing a dangerous environment for residents. 
  • (New) East Coast Greenway: Eddystone & Ridley Township - MPMS #82009 is a new project that will develop two segments of multi-use trail. The first segment is between the proposed East Coast Greenway trail in Chester City and a sidepath located on the PA 291 bridge over Crum Creek in Eddystone Borough. A second segment will be constructed between a multi-use trail (under development as part of the PA 291 Drainage Improvement project, MPMS #99668) and a sidepath located on the PA 291 bridge over Darby Creek in Ridley Township. 
  • I-95 Noise Abatement - MPMS #108910 provides $29.69 million to study and implement noise reduction improvements for residential areas along I-95 between US 322 and I-476 in the City of Chester and Chester Township, Delaware County.
  • Wanamaker Avenue over Darby Creek - MPMS #92323 in Tinicum Township and Prospect Park Borough, will provide $17.08 million for the replacement of two bridge structures, including a shared use path crossing under the bridges. This path will provide a connection to the adjacent John Heinz Wildlife Refuge.

Montgomery County 

  • (New) Cross-County Trail: WissahickonTrail to SEPTA's Fort Washington Station -  MPMS #82083 is a $9.3 million project in Whitemarsh Township that will develop a multi-use trail from the existing Wissahickon Trail in Fort Washington State Park to the existing Cross County Trail near SEPTA’s Fort Washington Station.
  • (New) Cross-County Trail: Germantown Pike to Willow Grove YMCA - MPMS #82084 is a $7.4 million project in Upper Moreland Township that will develop a multi-use trail from near Maryland Road near Easton Road to the Willow Grove YMCA.
  • (New) Cross-County Trail: Dryden Road to Maryland Road - MPMS #81785 is a $4.8 million project that will develop a multi-use trail from the existing Cross County Trail near Dryden Road in Upper Dublin Township to Maryland Road near Easton Road in Upper Moreland Township.
  • PA 29 & PA 113 - MPMS #118031 is a $4.8 million project in Perkiomen Township that  will provide left turn lanes at all four approaches, a right turn lane on the southbound approach of SR 113, update signals and ADA ramps, and provide crosswalks.
  • DeKalb Street Two-Way Reconstruction MPMS #118032 is a $9.2 million project in Norristown that will fund full-depth reconstruction of the final remaining segment of US 202 in Montgomery County, along with restriping and traffic signal installation to permit two-way traffic along DeKalb Street in the Municipality of Norristown.

Philadelphia County

  • (New) 25th Street: Washington Avenue to Passyunk Avenue - MPMS #81219 allocates $18 million to restore 25th Street under the railroad viaduct and provide street lighting, intersection improvements, and bicycle infrastructure improvements, to improve roadway conditions and safety.
  • Market Street Bridges Over Schuylkill River and CSX Railroad - MPMS #69828 allocates $186.2 million to replace or rehabilitate 3 bridges built in 1932 over Market Street. Pedestrian and bicycle improvements are being coordinated with the City of Philadelphia throughout the project. 
  • 70th, 71st, 72nd Streets over Amtrak - MPMS #17215 is a $77.5 million rehabilitation/replacement of 70th, 71st and 72nd Street Bridges over rail facilities. The project includes upgrades of adjacent intersections.
  • Spring Garden Connector -  MPMS #118034 is a $53.55 million project to develop a complete street design for Spring Garden Street, in order to better and more safely accommodate all road users, contribute to the sense of place on the corridor, advance the city’s green stormwater management and traffic safety goals, and complete the Center City section of the East Coast Greenway.
  • US 1: Broad Street - Adams Avenue (MPMS #119822) and US 1: Adams Avenue - Old Lincoln Highway (MPMS #119836) are two projects totaling $134.6 million, funded by a $76 million federal competitive MEGA grant, other federal funds, and significant local funding from the City of Philadelphia. The projects will implement critical safety improvements including near-term recommendations from the Roosevelt Boulevard Route for Change study, aiming to improve safety, accessibility, and reliability along the corridor by implementing solutions such as additional speed cameras, improvements to bus stops and amenities, and pedestrian-oriented infrastructure such as raised crosswalks. At the same time, larger-scale, long-term improvements to the Roosevelt Boulevard continue to be studied. 

People can submit comments online, through the mail, or by attending a public meeting

DVRPC must receive comments for the Draft TIP and Draft Amendment documents by 5:00 pm local time on June 24, 2024. Comments received via mail must be postmarked by June 24, 2024. Responses will not be provided unless comments are submitted in writing during the public comment period.

If you want to learn more about the Transportation Improvement Program, or “TIP,” check out the informational articles: What is the TIP?, How Does a Project Get on the TIP?, and How is the TIP Funded?

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