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Park and Ride Interactive Map
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Park and Ride (P&R) lots are areas specifically dedicated for use by commuters to park vehicles while using public transit or participating in carpools or vanpools. Used as a common meeting spot, they provide adequate space and a safe, convenient location for drivers to leave their cars while sharing the ride to work. They also alleviate community opposition to on-street parking problems in areas most suited for shared commutes.

Official P&R lots include:

  • Clearly marked paved lots or gravel areas specifically designed or designated by state or local transportation officials; maintained by state or local government
  • Lots or areas with alternate uses at non-peak commute times, upon official agreement with owner (e.g. church lot or extra, "fringe" parking at shopping areas)
  • Lots associated with transit stops, often maintained by the transit company and for use by transit riders only.

Unofficial lots may include:

  • unused, fringe parking at shopping areas not approved by owners
  • on-street parking where not specifically prohibited by law.

Preliminary plans for additional, official P&R lots have been initiated in many high-traffic areas, but until these projects are approved and completed, a little creativity in working with local officials and businesses can go a long way to establish short-term P&R arrangements.

A list and map of P&R lots in the Delaware Valey is available from your MAP Contact or by linking to the interactive map above.