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The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) service is a "safety net" for commuters working in southeastern Pennsylvania who share their ride to work (carpool, vanpool, transit) on a regular basis. In the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency or illness, unscheduled overtime, or if the regular ride home is not available for certain reasons, registered commuters are provided with a free ride to home, their car or to the place of the emergency.

This service is available only to:

  1. commuters who apply and are approved through our sign-up form (below);
  2. commuters who apply to the Share-A-Ride (SAR) ridematch program directly; or
  3. employees registered through their employer who participates in the Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP).

Employees who register for ERH must commit to sharing a ride to work at least three (3) times a week, and the request for ERH must be made on a day when the commuter has shared a ride (is not using his/her own car). Commuters who qualify will be given detailed instructions of requirements and procedures upon registration.

To be reimbursed for your Emergency Ride Home, you must be registered with the program and submit this sheet [0.4 MB pdf] with a valid receipt to receive payment (up to $50 per use and/or $100 per year - 2 uses per year).


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