Advancing Bicycle Safety and Accessibility in Trenton

by Amy Solano, Communications Intern

Photo: Joanna Hecht

June 3, 2024

Read about various initiatives aimed at improving traffic safety and increasing access to cycling in the City of Trenton.

Throughout May, DVRPC has celebrated National Bike Month by highlighting some of the work the Commission does to improve bicycle safety and connectivity and participating in events like Bike-to-Work Day. Though Bike Month has come to a close, DVRPC continues to support improvements to biking across the region. One such example is in the City of Trenton, where DVRPC has played a key role in various initiatives aimed at improving traffic safety and increasing access to cycling.

DVRPC partnered with the City of Trenton to create a citywide bike plan, called Our Streets: A Trenton Bike Plan for All. Building on previous Complete Streets initiatives in Trenton, the plan proposes adding bicycle facilities and making design changes on certain streets within the city to increase safety for all road users. The plan is based on input from the local community; the project team hosted three public engagement events across Trenton over a five-month period. After incorporating public feedback about the proposed bike network, the team conducted a test bike ride with representatives from Trenton Cycling Revolution, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and Artworks Trenton, providing additional on-the-ground insight about vehicle speeds and which streets have low levels of traffic stress. For more information about the Our Streets plan, watch the project video and look out for the forthcoming report. 

Another Complete Streets initiative in Trenton focuses on reducing bus-bicycle interactions at NJ Transit bus stops. DVRPC staff worked with NJ Transit to explore strategies to increase the safety of bus operators, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The project team conducted a literature review, interviewed peer transit agencies, and organized a bus stop design workshop. The workshop brought together road owners, cycling advocates, and New Jersey Transit to brainstorm implementable bus stop designs expected to reduce bus-bicycle interactions along Prospect Street in the City of Trenton and Mercer County. To view the recommended strategies and learn more about this project, see the memo.

Through the Expo: Experimental Pop-ups program, DVRPC is also able to offer assistance to communities in the region to test innovative traffic safety solutions through low-cost, quick-build projects that aim to improve walking and biking conditions. Inspired Safe Streets is an ongoing Expo project consisting of a collaboration between DVRPC, the City of Trenton, East Trenton Collaborative, and Greater Mercer TMA. This project responds to issues noted in a traffic safety audit conducted by East Trenton Collaborative’s resident-led Traffic Safety Community Organizing Committee (TSCOC) by “daylighting” N. Clinton Avenue with freshly painted crosswalks and curb extensions, bollards, art, and planters, increasing visibility and safety at intersections for all users of the road.

The City of Trenton has recently been awarded $48,200 from DVRPC’s Travel Options Program (TOP) for the Encouragement of and Access to Walking and Biking in Trenton project, in which the City will partner with other organizations to help empower residents of all ages and abilities to take walking and biking trips. As part of the project, Greater Mercer TMA will facilitate bicycle and pedestrian safety lessons at K-8 schools in the Trenton School District. In addition, Trenton Cycling Revolution will expand operating hours at the existing Community Outreach Garage, which provides bike repair and training, and pilot a bicycle distribution program to those who need them to commute for daily trips. 

By partnering with local organizations, connecting with community members, and supporting projects that improve safety and access to biking through education and art, DVRPC’s role in these Trenton initiatives demonstrates a commitment to improving and promoting biking in the region. To learn more about DVRPC’s work supporting bicycle planning and infrastructure, visit the Bike Month news story.

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