Office of Safe Streets

Safe Streets matters to everyone, so DVRPC pursues an active, wide-ranging approach to improve it. Office of Safe Streets is incorporated in a great many of DVRPC's Work Program efforts, from safe routes to school, to use of technology for operations and incident management, to the Long-Range Plan and corridor studies. The broad Transportation Office of Safe Streets and Security program helps coordinate these efforts and also includes many specific tasks. The links below cover these tasks and provide access to additional outside resources.

Regional Safety Task Force

The Task Force is a multi-disciplinary team that meets regularly to share information and offer guidance to DVRPC's efforts.

New Jersey Local Safety Program

The New Jersey Local Safety Program is a federally-funded program established by NJDOT, and facilitated by the state’s MPOs, to advance safety improvement projects on county and local roadways. This is a competitive annual program that funds the design and construction phases of safety projects through the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

Data Navigator - Crash Data Summaries

DVRPC's Data Navigator is a one-stop data repository for all geographically-based Census and DVRPC data, including crash summaries by region, county, and municipality. Data results are viewable online and downloadable.