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1) Using the Watershed Resources Registry (WRR) Tool to Streamline Permit Decisions and Promote Preservation and Restoration of Resources - Ellen Bryson (Environmental Protection Specialist), Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3

Five states in EPA’s Region 3 have created a WRR ( WRRs are created through collaborative partnerships that include EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, a state’s department of environment, department of natural resources, department of transportation, and others. A WRR maps and scores areas across a state for restoration or preservation in four categories: wetlands, riparian areas, terrestrial habitat and stormwater areas. A primary use for the WRR is to provide guidance for avoiding, minimizing and mitigating for impacts to aquatic resources through the Clean Water Act §404. Other uses included acquisition of high value resource areas, finding riparian buffer creation opportunities, tree plantings to meet TMDL requirements and more.  This AGOL-based tool is available online. Ms Bryson will provide a short history of the WRR, demonstrate the use of the interactive website, and talk about potential uses for non-profit conservation organizations and state and local governments.

2) Storytelling with Data - Meijun Liu (Transportation Engineer), DVRPC

There is a story in our data, but the data cannot speak for itself. This is an informational presentation on how to use effective visuals to bring the story into life. 

3) Living Atlas - Daniel Wickens (ESRI)

Daniel will give an update on some of the newest datasets and features from Living Atlas. (